Yearbook Pre-Orders

Yearbook Preorders 2022/23
Posted on 01/10/2023

Pre-order Prices:
Elementary (NIAA Elem/NIAP, NIAM, NIAFW, NICH Elem.) yearbooks - $25 ($5 discount included)

Secondary (NIAAG, NIAME, NICH Sec.) yearbooks - $35 ($5 discount included)

Pre-order Deadline is March 24th, 2023.

Prices for purchasing a yearbook in-person (at the end of the year):
Elementary (NIAA Elem/NIAP, NIAM, NIAFW, NICH Elem.) yearbooks - $30

Secondary (NIAAG, NIAME, NICH Sec.) yearbooks - $40

***All NICH Seniors are guaranteed a 22-23 yearbook now included with their Senior Package/Fees. NICH Seniors do not need to pre-order a yearbook. 
***Gibbins Seniors WILL need to purchase a yearbook. They are NOT included in the Senior Package. 

Yearbook Preorder Flyer

Click here to order your 2022/23 yearbooks


Click on the link above and enter the eight digit code that is next to you schools name. 
  • NIA Arlington & Pioneer Elementary: Job Number: 12217123 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023)
  • NIA Arlington Gibbins: Job Number: 13553623 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023)
  • NIA Cedar Hill Elementary: Job Number: 14429923 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023)
  • NIA Cedar Hill Secondary: Job Number: 12774123 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023) 
  • NIA Fort Worth: Job Number: 12967523 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023) 
  • NIA Mansfield: Job Number: 12967323 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023)
  • NIA Mansfield East: Job Number: 14419323 (Pre-Order Deadline: 3/24/2023)